Cleaning out my closet – and leaving my Mercedes.


I loved my silver Mercedes with extra wide rims (yeah I know it’s tacky but I loved it.)
Still when I had to let it go, after all bringing your car halfway around the world usually isn’t a good idea, it wasn’t all too bad.
Neither was getting rid of designer clothes and shoes, my custom made chair or gadgets I had bought and cherished over the years. In fact it felt remarkably good donating books and clothes, selling furniture and throwing away beauty products even though I only parted with the things I absolutely couldn’t put in storage at my brothers place.

And now, seven weeks down the road a funny thing has dawned on me – nearly two months after I almost cried my eyes out giving away my great-grandmothers table (with a promise to get it back if I ever changed my mind) I haven’t missed one single thing of the items I packed or gave away. NOT ONE THING.

Bali surfer

Realizing this both made me overjoyed but also a bit sad as I reflected – why do we spend our life collecting stuff? Shouldn’t we collect adventures in stead?
For me the answer is a loud and clear – hell yeah!
I do, however, realize it is not for everyone to part with 97% of your belongings and travel to a remote to country in South-East Asia. It’s not to everyone’s liking and it shouldn’t be. But at the en of the day, isn’t a fun evening, a good experience or a lovely conversation worth more than a pair of Louboutins? (And I have absolutely NOTHING against Louboutins, quite the contrary in fact.)
But isn’t a great story worth more than yet another watch to measure your pulse? Again, the answer for me is a no-brainer; I’d rather have experiences and stories than stuff.

So why do we collect? Does it give a sense of security; does it give some kind of pleasure other than the immediate rush of getting a pair of Louboutins?
I honestly don’t know. Will I miss all my belongings a year from now? Have no idea, and these days I really don’t care. These days I usually take my dinner on the beach as I watch the sun set. The meal costs me around $2 and the taste can compete with a lot of the nice restaurants I have been to around the world, the chair is plastic, not leather and not an Arne Jacobsen. But the rug beneath my feet, see that’s a different story. As I kick off my flip-flops and step in to the soft, warm sand it becomes very clear that the rug is oriental in the true sense of the word.

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8 Comment
  1. Great column Hilde! ♥

    • H.S. Palladino 8 years ago

      Thanks Marielle! <3

  2. Laetitia 8 years ago

    I am in the middle of moving and putting things in boxes and God I do ask myself the same question!!!! WHY so much stuff, honestly??? I am reaching a stage where I just want to leave the boxes in the street and let people help themselves!!!
    Back to my stuff, enjoy your Asian trip, hope we meet again some day. xL

  3. H.S. Palladino 8 years ago

    Yes, Laetitia, I asked my self the same question and found no good answer. In fact I was quite repulsed by owning so much crap. I am a booklover though, so parting with all my books was hard, but I donated them all away to schools and elderly homes so at least it felt good.

  4. Tony 8 years ago

    I do not miss any louboutins.
    Then again, what is a louboutin? ?

    Still, I hate buying an item I just threw overboard, thinking it was worthless.
    Non the less, this train of thought, over and over again, is perhaps exactly the correct nourishment, for keeping my collection of scrap alive and flourishing!

  5. H.S. Palladino 8 years ago

    I guess collection stuff is fine, if we buy them for a reason other then the pure pleasure of buying. Then, to me, something else is lacking.

  6. Kari Lien Midttveit 8 years ago

    Very interesting to read Hilde! We are living in a material world, sometimes we need to take a break- and find out what really matters…

    • H.S. Palladino 8 years ago

      Couldn’t agree more Kari, I’m a great believer in sitting down at least once a year and take a really good look at where your life is going to see if that is the direction you want it to go.

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