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Last night I drove through the english countryside. Well, truth be told, my friend was driving since I’m not much of a left side driver, but being a passenger gave me even more opportunity to gaze at the landscape – one I find amongst the most interesting in Europe.
Great Britain has hundreds of ancient cities and little towns you can spend a lifetime exploring, and going through the oak woods on winding roads after dusk I was constantly expecting an aparition of some sort showing up. Maybe a white lady gliding soundlessly across the road or a hunchback creature grunting while roaming the narrow streets.

Spooky house England

I was immediately reminded of the ghost stories I have read in books or watched on TV over the years and I thought: England is really made for ghost stories, isn’t it? It’s as though the whole country is one big setting for a murder or a mystery movie, a horror story or other spooky tales. It something about the old, warn down brick houses, the the oak woods, the pubs in the middle of nowhere and of course the moorlands of England that makes this country just so fit for myths and fables like this.

Or is it just that the modern ghost stories where invented in Britain? Is it just that we are so used to the spooky tales that has come from this part of the world that we now expect it? Either way, I can’t help loving the english countryside!

What is your favorite spooky location?


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