Available in four languages

Hidden Under Snow is available in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and German.

Travel to change your life

Solo Traveling can be one of the most liberating experiences when done correctly.
Still, most people miss out on 90% of their journey.

Perhaps you have had the travel bug for some time, and now you are finally in a position to take the leap and set out on your world journey.
Or maybe you are sick of the everyday slog, and you’ve decided now is the time to gain more life experience and discover your true passions.
If this sounds like you,Solo Travel for Women is a must-read. The book will teach you how to get the most out of your experience, set yourself up for massive change, and journey your way to a better you.

About me

My name is Hilde S. Palladino, and I have always been driven towards adventure. Both in books and while traveling.

With roots from a small village outside of Molde, I have always had a need to experience the world first-hand. This has given me fantastic experiences, such as visiting headhunters on Borneo and sea nomads on Sulawesi. Others’ experiences I would rather not experience again – like when I had to run from a Komodo dragon in Indonesia.

I have lived on three continents and have called parts of Asia my second home for almost two decades.

My passion for crime literature led me to write my first crime novel, which was published by Cappelen Damm in 2022.

I was fortunate enough to be nominated for prestigious awards such as the Riverton Prize, the Maurits Hansen Prize, and the Bronze Knife for my debut work.

For me, the art of writing is a way to take readers on a journey – through mysteries, intricate intrigues, and encounters with fascinating characters who all carry their dark sides.